What is LED Therapy?

“LED” means “light emitting diode.” An LED is a computer chip encased in resin that emits a specific wavelength of light energy. Light treatments have been used for many years in hospital settings to speed the healing of wounds. The same concept is now used in the field of aesthetics and skincare. Also called a “photofacial” or “photorejuvenation,” specific wavelengths of light produce beneficial natural reactions in the deeper layers of the skin.

Dr Nassif LightStim LED Bed

Dr. Nassif

Mild, Risk-Free Anti-Aging Facials: Photofacial, or LED Light Facials

These LightStim LED facials do not burn, irritate, or damage the skin, but can kill or disrupt the growth of bacteria that cause acne breakouts. Without the risk of burning, side effects, or requirements to prepare for treatment, LightStim LED Bed is one of the easiest treatments for a client to tolerate. There is zero downtime after LED facial treatment.

Types of LED Light Treatments

Each color in the spectrum produces a specific benefit:


LED light facials can target dark circles, over-pigmentation, and sunspots, and can calm irritations.


This light wavelength reduces skin redness and inflammation and improves facial skin circulation. With this wavelength of light, your skin cells are stimulated to produce more collagen.


Used to reduce the impact of inflammation triggers in the facial skin that are the underlying cause of acne, pigmentation issues, and rosacea. Red LED can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


LED blue light therapy can produce dramatic improvements for those suffering from acne breakouts by reducing the “bad” bacteria. The treatment helps skin to heal and become smoother and healthier.

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Risk-Free, Non-Invasive, and Effective: LightStim LED Bed in Beverly Hills, CA

Combinations of various light wavelengths can do wonders to keep your facial skin healthy and bright. Light therapy of multiple wavelengths triggers healing and oxygenation deep within the skin cells. LED treatments are safe, risk-free, non-invasive, and appropriate for all skin types. The benefits include softening fine lines, creases, and wrinkles, improving circulation, increasing moisture, speeding skin healing and repair, and improving skin texture and elasticity by triggering the body’s natural production of collagen.

Color Light Therapy

To keep your facial skin healthy, supple, smooth, and glowing, make this painless and relaxing treatment part of your skincare regimen. Powerful, gentle, and effective, LED facials treat a wide array of troublesome skin issues without the use of chemicals or more invasive procedures.

Used singly or in combination with other treatments, you can take advantage of the anti-aging properties of color light therapy at our Beverly Hills clinic. Your skin will be evaluated to determine which treatments will be needed to restore, refresh, and keep your facial skin healthy, glowing, and less prone to breakouts or inflammation.

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