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What is an Asian Rhinoplasty?

Many people choose to have an Asian Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills; but extra care must be paid to retain the unique features of the Asian nose. While taking these features into account, Dr. Nassif can change deformities or make the nose slightly smaller. Some find decreasing the size of the nostrils will create an appealing look that meets your expectations. Whatever your wishes, you can rest assured Dr. Nassif will be able to perform the rhinoplasty procedure while preserving your Asian identity.


Once you’ve decided to move ahead with your quest for a more refined nose, you will have a consultation. The consultation is the first time meeting with Dr. Nassif.

Dr. Nassif will need to obtain your complete medical history. This makes it possible to pinpoint any potential problems that could occur with the procedure. Bring a list of any vitamins, herbal supplements, and medications that you take to your consultation. Furthermore, you will need to inform Dr. Nassif of any past or current drug, alcohol, or tobacco use. Smoking increases the chances of severe bleeding while drinking and drug use can cause cirrhosis of the liver, which means a greater risk for difficulty metabolizing the post-operative medications.

You will be able to discuss how you would like your Asian nose job to look when complete. The results of Asian nose jobs should be a more refined and appealing nose that appears completely natural. In many cases people choose to have a rhinoplasty to correct congenital nasal defects, or other flaw. Some may suffer from a perforated or deviated septum, and others may simply want to improve upon the angle or shape of the bridge of the nose.

During your consultation, Dr. Nassif will use computerized-imaging to create a simulated photo of how you will appear post-surgery. Your facial structure and nose will be thoroughly assessed. He will use a tool called a nasal specula to examine the inside of your nose as one part of the evaluation.

You and your care team will set surgical goals during your consultation. This open forum will allow you to ask any questions about the risks, outcomes, best surgery techniques, and costs of the procedure. With the completed assessment and consultation, you can then schedule your Los Angeles Asian Rhinoplasty with the city’s leading Rhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty Revision surgeon, Dr. Nassif .

The Procedure

For your Asian rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, you will be placed under general anesthesia; this means you won’t have to be awake during your procedure. In most cases, Dr. Nassif will use an incision along the base of the nose. This technique, called an open-technique, results in a single scar that won’t be visible once healed because it’s hidden in the crease where the base of the nose meets the upper lip. After completing the procedure, Dr. Nassif will place stents and a dressing over your nose.

Woman that received rhinoplasty to help contour her nose


This part of your transformation begins when you are taken from the operating room into the recovery unit. As you come out of the anesthesia, you will experience some pain and nausea. The nurse present will have medication available so you can remain comfortable.

When you’re discharged from the surgical facility following your rhinoplasty, you will be given several prescriptions, including antibiotics, pain, and anti-nausea medications. Adhere to the dosage guidelines to give you the best recovery possible.

You may experience some mild to moderate constipation as a result from the anesthesia. This can usually be resolved by taking an over-the-counter laxative. You will need to avoid strenuous physical activity until released from restrictions by your surgeon. You may begin eating bland, soft foods a few hours after your procedure. If you don’t experience any problems with them, you can increase your diet to heavier, spicier foods. You will need to avoid getting the dressing wet; don’t wash your hair until two days after the procedure. Sleep with your head raised above your heart – this reduces swelling.

The dressing and stents are usually removed the day after surgery. Dr. Nassif will then place a taped dressing to continue holding the nose in place. Continue to avoid contact with water to discourage bacteria growth and possible infection.

Ensure you maintain an adequate level of mobility—walk around at least five minutes every two hours. This helps to avoid the formation of blood clots. Dr. Nassif usually allows patients to return to work after two weeks. Makeup can make your surgery less visible. You will have significant bruising and swelling, but go to an emergency center if you begin to experience severe pain, bleeding, or a temperature above 100 degrees.

Asian Rhinoplasty FAQs

I had a Westernization Rhinoplasty; can it be reversed?

Many Asians wanted to "westernize" their noses, and later regretted the outcome. Dr. Nassif can discuss options for reversal during the consultation. Dr. Nassif specializes in Asian Revision of Westernization Rhinoplasty, but must assess your nose before making a decision. This depends upon the amount of tissue that was removed in the initial procedure.

Do you have experience in other ethnic surgeries besides Asians?

Yes. Dr. Nassif has performed Rhinoplasties on a variety of ethnicities.

How long until I can show off my new nose to my friends and family?

The bruising and swelling will subside approximately two weeks after your procedure. However, you will continue to experience improvements in the nose’s appearance for up to six months after surgery. It’s your decision when you are ready to reveal your new nose. You should see significant improvement at the end of the first month, so many people choose to wait that long. Remember the key to the best Asian rhinoplasty Los Angeles offers is a natural, no-work-done looking nose.

Does Dr. Nassif perform Rhinoplasty Revisions?

Yes, in addition to reversal of the Westernization Rhinoplasty, Dr. Nassif performs general Rhinoplasty Revision surgery. You can discuss this information with him during your consultation. Dr. Nassif specializes in Revision Asian Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Are there Rhinoplasty photos I can see before my surgery?

Yes. Please visit our Rhinoplasty photo gallery to view before and after photos.

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