Exploring Nonsurgical Facelift Alternatives for Your Desired Results

They may also be unable or unwilling to undergo the longer recovery process associated with surgical options, or are hoping to stave off the need for eventual surgery by less invasive means. Whatever the reason, if you could benefit from a facelift but are more comfortable pursuing a nonsurgical solution, consider some of these options.

Laser and Similar Treatments

With laser and other energy-based treatment options becoming more and more prominent cosmetic solutions, numerous variations upon the same basic principles can be made to tailor the treatment to different skin conditions and pigmentations. The general idea of energy-based treatments that use lasers, light pulses, radio waves, ultrasound frequencies, etc. is that they penetrate the top layers of skin to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. Collagen is the substance that gives our skin its shape and structure -- we have it in abundance in youth, but lose it as we age.

In addition to collagen stimulation, energy-based treatments often succeed in tightening the skin and minimizing blemishes, acne scars, and irregular pigmentation on the skin’s surface.

Injectable Options

Injections used to address facial aging can generally be divided into two categories: treatments like BOTOX, and injectable fillers that restore volume. BOTOX and other similar injections minimize the appearance of wrinkles by acting on the nervous system. Effectively inducing mild, temporary paralysis of certain muscles, the constant contractions that lead to wrinkles such as worry lines are halted, and the appearance of the wrinkles is reduced.

Injectable fillers, on the other hand, address wrinkles and sagging skin by replacing the volume that has been lost through the aging process. Options include synthetic fillers as well as the injection of fat that has been harvested from another area of the body.

Resurfacing and Rejuvenating

In addition to treatments that address the underlying tissues beneath the surface of the skin to minimize the visible effects of aging, there are also treatment options that focus on revitalizing the surface of the skin itself. The most common option is typically a laser or chemical peel. Instead of the deeper-acting lasers used to stimulate collagen growth, these effectively “zap” the outermost layer of dead or damaged skin cells, allowing new, rejuvenated skin to grow for a younger, smoother, appearance. This is also effective in treating irregularities in the surface of the skin such as scarring and sun spots.

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