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  • Primary Facelift

    Choosing to get a facelift offers a boost in both appearance and self-esteem. We have the technology, it’s up to you to learn more and make the next step into a more youthful you.

  • Deep Plane Lift

    In addition to a traditional facelift, Dr. Nassif also has the expertise and considerable skill necessary to perform a deep plane lift, which is a variety of facelift that operates on an entirely different level of tissue than the older techniques.

  • Facelift Revision

    No two cases are completely the same, and when you come to our office, Dr. Nassif will go to great lengths to be sure he understands the intricacies of your unique situation.

  • Facial Fat Grafting

    As we age, our faces naturally begin to lose volume. As structure-giving collagen decreases, skin begins to sag, and the fat deposits that give our features definition begin to slip away.

  • Non-Surgical Facelift

    Many aging patients are frustrated with diminished facial volume, prominent wrinkles, and sagging skin, but for a number of reasons, don’t want to undergo a surgical facelift.

  • Facelift FAQ

    Countless individuals come to us seeking a facelift, and there are a few questions that come up over and over, so we’ve compiled some of them here for your convenience.

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