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Genital Rejuvenation - Labiaplasty

‘Labiaplasty’ is a term used for a cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce a women’s labia minora length. It is among the most popular genital rejuvenation procedures performed on women and can help relieve symptoms related to tugging and twisting of their labia.

The procedure

The labiaplasty procedure is usually performed under the effect of general anesthesia or local anesthesia (via oral sedation). When it comes to the various techniques in labiaplasty surgery, you will find that the ‘trim’ method is perhaps the most popular. This procedure involves the removal and direct sewing up of all extra tissue.

The ‘wedge’ technique is another very popular labiaplasty method and helps maintain a kind of natural border once a wedge-shaped tissue piece is removed. It is also possible to remove the additional clitoral hood folds while executing this procedure. The surgeon usually uses absorbable sutures to close the incisions.

Labiaplasty is usually a part of the complete vaginal rejuvenation procedure that may cover other surgeries like vaginoplasty, monsplasty, and clitoral hood correction.

Expected results

Doctors recommend avoiding any type of tight clothing immediately after the genital rejuvenation procedure. This allows for effective healing of the sensitive area. You may find that there is hardly any noticeable scarring and a significant reduction in symptoms like sexual discomfort and chronic irritations after the surgery.

Dr. Galanis will give some specific instruction after the genital rejuvenation procedure in order to fasten healing. For instance, it is best to avoid strenuous activities (physical exercise) and sexual intercourse for up to six weeks after the surgery. The genital rejuvenation procedure will help in reshaping your vaginal area in a way that it feels and looks normal. Patients report feeling healthier and more confident after recovery.

Surgeon consultation

If you’re considering a vaginal surgery, it is best to have an open discussion with a trusted physician and talk about your concerns and feelings related to your genitals. You should also tell them what you expect from the surgery and get advice on other options that could help tighten the vaginal area. For instance, surgeons may recommend specific Kegel exercises, in addition to surgery, which might help in toning lose and weak vaginal muscles.

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