Surgeons explain that there are differences between the cosmetic surgery goals of men and women, even though the procedures are similar. There are several men who want a more proportionate nose, a slimmer waistline, or a younger looking face. The majority of the cosmetic surgery procedures needed to achieve such goals are dependent on factors like beard density, body type, and/or skin thickness.

Popular Cosmetic Surgeries Among Men

The main objectives of an arm lift include the following:

Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia

There is a section of the male population that struggles with enlarged or feminine-looking breasts. This physical condition, also called ‘gynecomastia’, can significantly damage a male’s self-confidence and make him very self-conscious. Further, enlarged breasts may also cause discomfort to the candidate in general. The good news is that a breast reduction procedure can effectively reduce the size of male breasts and give you a more masculine-looking chest.


If you feel disgusted by the sight of flanks hanging out of your abdominal area when you look into the mirror, then you might like to consider a liposuction procedure. Liposuction is recommended for those men who are dissatisfied with their body shape even after losing significant amounts of weight with diet and exercise.

Sometimes, natural aging, in addition to other factors, causes you to lose skin firmness and toning. Liposuction surgery helps in reshaping the abdomen and reducing the undesirable flanks, thereby providing you with a slimmer physique. 


If you feel conscious about the appearance of your nose, then a rhinoplasty or nose shaping procedure is suitable for you. Whether your nose is naturally out of proportion with the rest of your face or an accident/injury has caused damage to its appearance, a rhinoplasty can reshape your nose effectively. Besides having aesthetic advantages, a rhinoplasty procedure may also correct various breathing issues. The surgery can alter the nose to make it look slimmer, smaller, wider, or more prominent and also remove all unwanted bumps/lumps that cause it to look unattractive. Rhinoplasty is typically performed on an outpatient basis and under the effect of general or local anesthesia. This cosmetic procedure may take around one to two hours to be completed (complicated cases might demand more time).


Old age is usually marked by visible signs such as wrinkles and lines, brown spots, and loose skin. However, these natural aging signs aren’t absolutely irreversible because cosmetic surgery has a solution for it: a facelift. The facelift procedure, a very popular procedure among both women and men, is also referred to as ‘rhytidectomy’. If you wish to do away with the sagging skin and wrinkles on your face and enjoy a more youthful appearance, then this procedure is perfect for you. A facelift helps in reducing/eliminating skin that is no longer naturally elastic. This skin is typically found in areas such as the jawline, mouth, and eyes. The facelift procedure will leave you with reduced wrinkles and lines, smoother skin, and a rejuvenated overall appearance.

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Tummy Tuck

You may have dropped all the excess pounds, but you’ve also probably dropped your skin. It isn’t uncommon for men to notice the loose skin around their belly and this has a rather unflattering effect. Also, this excess flab refuses to respond to any sort of exercise or diet, no matter how sincere your efforts may be. A tummy tuck procedure is suitable for men who find themselves stuck in this situation and wish to flaunt a slimmer, toned, and more attractive abdomen.

Our surgeons are experienced in different types of male cosmetic procedures and encourage men to be more forthcoming about their desires to enjoy improved appearances. He also informs that the goal of male cosmetic procedures is quite different from female cosmetic procedures. For men, the focus is on retaining or creating masculine features, and these might be more prominent or sharper when compared to women’s features.

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Dr. Paul Nassif understands the importance of feeling confident in your appearance. He works with patients to enhance their natural beauty and allow them to get the most out of life. If you are interested in an appointment with Dr. Nassif, contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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