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Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer Beverly Hills

As we age, our faces naturally begin to lose volume. As structure-giving collagen decreases, skin begins to sag, and the fat deposits that give our features definition begin to slip away. Common complaints during aging include hollow cheeks and sunken eyes, in addition to the wrinkles that accompany this decrease in facial volume.

Many treatments exist for these facial signs of aging, including injections that reduce wrinkles by freezing nerve activity, surgical facelifts that minimize the appearance of the loss of volume by retightening the skin and muscle, and injectable fillers that restore lost volume. In addition to synthetic fillers, it is now possible to inject stores of your own fat into the face to replace the fat has been lost, with our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles fat grafting.

Why choose fat grafting?

There are a number of benefits of opting for a facial fat graft to address your aging concerns. Only a qualified physician familiar with your specific circumstances can accurately assess whether this option may be the best for you, and assist you in making an informed decision. In general, the reasons why so many of our patients opt for facial fat grafting in Beverly Hills include:

Natural in both appearance and approach. Fat is the substance that naturally gives your skin its volume, shape, and contours. While other filler options seek to imitate the natural effects of fat, why not go for the real thing? Your surgeon will carefully inject the fat into your face in a way that imitates natural fat distribution for a completely natural look, unlike other techniques that can make it obvious a procedure has been performed. What’s more, although synthetic fillers are demonstrably safe and biocompatible, some of our patients are uncomfortable with the idea of introducing synthetic materials into their bodies – fat grafting is an all-natural alternative.

Long-lasting results. Rather than just minimizing the appearance of volume loss in the face, our Los Angeles fat transfer addresses the issue itself by restoring lost volume. Unlike temporary dermal fillers that are reabsorbed into the body, fat transfers, though not considered a permanent solution, result in long-lasting improvements.

Stem cells and their benefits. Fat harvested from your own body has the unique advantage of containing revitalizing stem cells. Stem cells are capable of changing into different type of cells in the body, both replacing and repairing surrounding cells. These stem cells rejuvenate the face from the inside out for long-lasting, youthful results.

The "two birds with one stone" effect. Who hasn’t joked that they wished they could somehow take the fat from their thighs or stomach and place it somewhere else on their body? Well, now you can. The nature of the fat grafting process lends itself to dual benefits, as fat is both removed through liposuction or a similar procedure from the harvest site, and then used to restore volume where it has been lost to aging.

Los Angeles Facial Fat Grafting

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