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Body Lift

The body lift procedure is designed for improving the tone and shape of the core tissue that is responsible for supporting fat and skin.

Candidates for body lift

As explained earlier, several individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight wish to undergo a body lift procedure. But in order to enjoy a slimmer, toned, and more attractive physique with a body lift, potential candidates must meet certain critical criteria. These include the following:

  • Loss of 30-50% of peak weight
  • Appearance of drooping skin and fat around the abdominal area (if there is primarily fat deposition, candidate might have to lose additional weight before surgery)
  • Record of stable weight, because fluctuations have the effect of hindering procedure results.

If you talk to a few cosmetic surgeons, they will likely recommend waiting for at least 2 years after you have achieved the desired weight loss to undergo surgery. This is because your skin gets sufficient time for accommodation and ensures that the weight will not be regained after surgery.

What to expect after surgery

The body lift results are noticeable almost instantly. But it could take about two or more years before the final outcome of the procedure fully develops and becomes visible.

Surgeons explain that it is possible for a few surgery scars to remain, however, the final results are almost permanent, given that the patient is successful in following a general fitness regime and maintaining a steady weight. You need to have realistic expectations out of the procedure and accept some amount of change in skin firmness as the body ages. Having said that, most of the former improvements will continue to show even in the long run.

The initial consultation

The initial consultation with your plastic surgeon is very important in a body lift procedure. You need to have a clear understanding of your goals as well as the medical condition so that any additional and/or alternative treatments can be considered.

Candidates are advised to go for the consultation with a prepared list of questions and their full medical history. Some of the common questions that a surgeon may ask a body lift patient include:

  • Have you undergone any other surgeries?
  • Do you suffer from any drug allergies or medical conditions at present?
  • To what extent do you use tobacco, recreational drugs and/or alcohol?
  • Are you currently taking any medications, herbal supplements or vitamins?

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