In addition to its aesthetic role, the nose also plays an integral role in breathing. A deformed nose can lead to serious health problems that may have a significant impact on quality of life.

Why Do People Seek Functional Nasal Surgery?

There are a number of reasons, but the most common ones include:

A lifelong medical issue

Some individuals are simply born with a nose that is not formed correctly and have been struggling with breathing issues, snoring, and sleep apnea for their entire lives. Many of these individuals don’t even realize how much the deformation is affecting them until after it is corrected, and they realize how much better they feel! One of the most common lifelong issues is a deviated septum, wherein the middle cartilage of the nose is misplaced or off center, impairing breathing.

The result of an injury or other condition

Sometimes, people don’t start experiencing functional issues of the nose until after the nose is broken in an accident. Many people dismiss the symptoms they experience as the broken nose is healing, expecting them to go with time, but are dismayed to find that once the broken nose has healed, they are still having trouble breathing. Functional issues can also be the result of certain cancers or conditions of the skin on the nose.

A poorly executed nose job

Unfortunately, we see a lot of patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty with another physician, and now are suffering from it. In addition to the embarrassing and difficult-to-fix aesthetic results, a poorly performed nose job can introduce a whole host of functional problems that impede daily living. Careless surgical techniques can cause damage to structures that should have been left untouched, and the removal of too much cartilage can cause a “pinched” nose through which it is difficult to breathe.

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Finding the Right Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

The nose is not only the centerpiece of the face, which provides balance to the rest of the facial features, it is also crucial to our ability to breathe, sleep well, and go through life. Because the nose is composed of a relatively small amount of tissue (a minimal skeletal structure, some cartilage, and skin with little underlying muscle and fat), precision during rhinoplasties is paramount. Even the smallest mistake can have a detrimental effect. This effect is further heightened when the procedure is a revision rhinoplasty. The structure of the nose has already been altered, compromising its original integrity, and scarring must be taken into account.

Don’t trust just anyone with your ability to breathe freely and enjoy your life. NassifMD Plastic Surgery® is a trusted name in plastic surgery, as Dr. Nassif himself has made multiple appearances on shows such as Botched that showcase revision plastic surgeries. Whether your functional issues with your nose have been lifelong, caused by a later medical issue or trauma, or are the result of a poorly performed rhinoplasty, we can help. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation today.

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Dr. Paul Nassif understands the importance of feeling confident in your appearance. He works with patients to enhance their natural beauty and allow them to get the most out of life. If you are interested in an appointment with Dr. Nassif, contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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