What is Thermiva?

Childbirth and natural aging cause the vagina to lose its tightness inside and outside, which can affect your self-esteem and vaginal well-being. Not only does this affect the appearance of your vagina, but it can cause other problems too, such as bladder leakage, dryness, infection, and decreased ability to achieve orgasm. ThermiVa is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure to retighten the labia and vagina.

The procedure uses radiofrequencies, which lightly heat the tissue. The heat is minimal enough to not cause discomfort. These radiofrequencies promote the natural development of collagen by your body, which tightens the area without the use of a scalpel. The technology is actually used for many different areas of the body, such as the neck, arms, breasts, stomach, etc. However, ThermiVa is specifically for vaginal tightening.

Why Have a Thermiva Procedure?

ThermiVa is a great way to rejuvenate your labia and vagina without pain or downtime, and there are a lot of benefits to choosing this procedure. For starters, the procedure only takes about 15 to 30 minutes and there is no prepping before treatment, so you can just pop in, have the procedure and leave. Plus, during that short time, you can have both your labia majora and vagina treated. Some competitors can only treat one or the other. Plus, the procedure is extremely effective with a success rate of over 95 percent.

Another big benefit is that it is a non-surgical procedure, so you don’t have to worry about scars, pain, or the side effects of surgery, such as blood clots and infection. The procedure can also help prevent bladder leakage, and may even improve your ability to achieve orgasm. ThermiVa can also treat vaginal dryness and infections by promoting natural, healthy moisture. You can have ThermiVa as soon as six weeks after giving birth and between pregnancies, so you don’t have to wait until you’re done having kids.

Thermiva Procedure

During the procedure, the doctor uses a single-use wand to perform the treatment, so you don’t have to worry about infection or disease. If you are having your labia treated, the doctor will run the wand over your labia. You will notice a warming sensation, but it is a comfortable heat and not painful. If you choose to have your vagina treated, the doctor will insert the wand inside your vagina to access the tissue. The doctor may need to move the wand around, so don’t be alarmed. Again, you will notice a heating sensation, but it is not painful. Some patients report that it feels like a massage with heat. After the procedure, you can return to your regular activities, and your doctor will tell you when to come back for retreatment.

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

Patients do not report any discomfort after the procedure. You will notice immediate results after your first treatment, but it may take a few treatments before your desired results are reached. Your doctor will tell you when you need to come back for re-treatment, but treatments are typically a month apart during the initial treatment phase.

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ThermiVa FAQ

Are you a candidate?

How long will the procedure last?

Are there risks?

How Soon Can I Return to Work?

Are you a candidate?

You are a good candidate for ThermiVa if you have had one or more children or are nearing menopause and want a tighter vagina and/or labia. It is a non-surgical way to tighten the area and rejuvenate your vagina. This doesn’t just improve the look of your vagina. It can also increase sexual pleasure.

If you suffer from bladder leakage, you may also be a good candidate for ThermiVa. Instead of taking pills, undergoing surgery, or living with the embarrassment of leaking and frequent urination, you can find relief with ThermiVa. Lastly, if you suffer from vaginal dryness and frequent infections, ThermiVa can help you too by increasing moisture and reducing chafing, itching, and dryness.

How long will the procedure last?

A single procedure only lasts about 30 minutes. However, you may need to go in a few times over the course of three months to reach your desired results. Results last about one year, but once you undergo the initial round of procedures, you only have to go in one or two times a year to maintain your results. Your doctor will work with you to determine exactly how many treatments you need and how often.

Are there risks?

Unlike surgery, which offers many risks, there are very few risks associated with ThermiVa. There have been no burns and blisters reported to date. In extremely rare cases, the vaginal opening becomes too tight.

How Soon Can I Return to Work?

ThermiVa has no downtime because it is non-invasive. This means you can return to your normal activities immediately. Also, because it is non-invasive, there is no delay in returning to sexual activity. With surgery, you may have to wait days or weeks before returning to your normal routines, especially intercourse. Because the treatment is so short, many patients choose to undergo the procedure during their lunch break and immediately return to work.

ThermiVa isn’t just about improving the appearance of your vagina. It can actually improve your well-being by reducing bladder leakage, boosting sexual arousal, and improving dryness. Whether due to birth or getting older, your vagina may need a little rejuvenation, and ThermiVa is a painless, non-invasive way to give you a younger-looking and younger-feeling vagina. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. NassifMD in Beverly Hills, CA today.

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