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Breast Augmentation

The cosmetic surgery industry has witnessed numerous advancements in the recent years. And there is one treatment that continues to enjoy immense popularity among women: breast augmentation.

The procedure of breast augmentation is also often called a “boob job” when used casually by patients. It requires the surgeon to use either fat transfer or breast implants to enhance breast size. Breast augmentation is also helpful in restoring the volume of breasts, typically lose after pregnancy or weight loss. The result is a more well-shaped, rounded breasts and uniformity in breast size.

Dr. Galanis recommends breast augmentation to patients in the following cases:

  • If they want a more attractive, well-proportionate physique
  • When weight loss, aging or pregnancy has impacted the shape and size of their breasts
  • They want better fitting of clothes
  • For restoring symmetry in case one breast is smaller in comparison to the other

Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Most patients are relieved to know that the breast augmentation procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, typically under the effect of general anesthesia. This means that you could move around within hours after the surgery.

It is common to feel some soreness in the first two weeks of the surgery, and you be advised to avoid any strenuous physical activity in that period. Dr. Galanis may also suggest wearing a surgical support bra for a limited time period post breast augmentation. This will help fasten recovery. You might also receive prescription or medications after the surgery. However, most cosmetic surgeons usually prescribe any postoperative medications well in advance. The prescribed medications typically include an antibiotic (for preventing infection) and pain killers. It is important to follow the instructions given by cosmetic surgeon in order to ensure optimal healing.

As per the FDA regulation, a woman needs to reach a minimum age of 18 years before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure using saline breast implants. For silicone-gel implants, the minimum age is 22 years.

During the initial medical assessment with your doctor, it is crucial to discuss your expectations and get their feedback on the same. You might need to halt the consumption of certain medicines a couple of days/weeks prior to your surgery.

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