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If you’re familiar at all with the world of plastic surgery, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Paul Nassif as one of the world’s leading practitioners. He is widely known his for innovation, precise technique, and excellent patient care. He is particularly renowned for his work correcting previous plastic surgery mistakes, which has been featured on shows like the famous Botched. With over 30 peer-reviewed articles to his name and 25 years of experience, he also dedicates his time to training young plastic surgeons and refining current practices.

Bio-Clock NassifMD Dermaceuticals™

Dr. Paul Nassif is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Combining this experience with years of extensive research, he developed his skincare line, Bio-Clock NassifMD Dermaceuticals™. This line of skincare products is tailored to provide the very best in anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.

What you might not know is that this renowned plastic surgeon has also developed his own line of cosmetic skin care products.

Biorhythms and what they mean for your skin

Dr. Nassif created his skin care products with the concept of biorhythm in mind. A biorhythm is a 24-hour cycle or pattern that our body undergoes, shifting between day and night -- and our skin responds to these shifts. In today’s age of constant technological access, artificial lighting, and busy schedules that result in dysregulated sleep patterns, chances are, you aren’t even aware of your biorhythms, and they’re probably out of sync.

Daily stressors, the high energy visible (HEV) light emitted by our laptops and cell phones, getting less than 8 hours of sleep, and routines interrupted by travel or a chaotic schedule can all result in your biorhythms becoming “out of whack.” When that’s the case, your body is not in its optimal state to repair itself, maintain health, and perform its natural functions that maintain a youthful appearance. Skin becomes dehydrated and wrinkles early, while you may experience skin irritation and your skin may lose its elasticity more quickly than can be attributed to aging alone.

How these skin care products can help

You may not be able to change your busy schedule or eliminate the environmental factors that affect your biorhythms, but you can fight back. Dr. Nassif’s specially formulated skin care products were designed with your body’s natural biorhythms in mind, so they respond to the skin’s natural cyclical changes throughout the day by providing exactly the nutrients your skin needs, when it needs them. If you are tired or stressed, travel a lot for work, spend too much time on the computer, or are simply a part of today’s busy consumer culture, Dr. Nassif’s skin care products can help keep your skin hydrated and nourished to protect it from the early aging effects that asynchronous biorhythms can cause.

Dr. Paul Nassif’s extensive expertise in plastic surgery makes him skilled not only in skin care, but on the underlying structures and the body’s natural functions. This comprehensive view of how everything works together in the body as a system allows him to draw from multiple areas to provide the most effective and evidence-based skin care solutions. Stave off aging with products made by someone who understands aging’s causes and effects on the skin better than just about anyone else.

Nassif MD Skincare

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