How Rhinoplasty Doctors Use Virtual Imaging

Rhinoplasty surgery requires many tools and much skill. Some of these tools are needed for the actual surgery, but others can be used before the first incision is made. Thanks to the advancements in technology from the past several years, patients and doctors alike can benefit from utilizing virtual computer imaging software to plan a rhinoplasty surgery.

Benefits for Patients

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that alters the external appearance of your nose, so it requires a little bit of imagination to picture the final results. Surgeons do that for a living, but not every patient is able to. Thankfully, there are virtual imaging programs available on the internet where patients can play around with different noses to see what might look best on their face. These website programs won’t be as precise as those used in a rhinoplasty practice, but they’re great for getting a general idea of what you might be looking for in your surgery.

Imaging programs can also help patients assess their doctors. Not every doctor utilizes this type of technology, but it’s becoming more common in practices around the country. You shouldn’t choose your surgeon based on the technology they have, but you can get an understanding of how they will perform your surgery and what they picture for your final results. As a patient, you can use this information to help choose which doctor you’d like to perform your surgery.

Along those same lines, virtual imaging can help you gain confidence, both in your surgeon and the surgery itself. Surgery can be a scary thing, especially when you’re volunteering for it. Seeing how your nose will look once it heals, how your surgeon will perform the surgery, and gaining a better understanding of the entire process will help you feel confident and ready for rhinoplasty.

Benefits for Doctors

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most difficult facial plastic surgeries to perform, so doctors like to use the best tools for the job. A big part of rhinoplasty is the patient consultation, where the doctor learns about the patient and their goals for surgery. During the consultation, doctors can use virtual imaging to explain how the surgery will be performed in order to reach those goals. Most rhinoplasty patients don’t have a medical background, so visuals can be crucial to understanding the surgical process. Doctors can also use virtual imaging to depict the final results so the patient can see what their new nose will look like once they’ve healed from the surgery.

Another important benefit of virtual imaging is that it can be used to review and study a patient’s nose when the patient isn’t with the doctor. Some cases can be fairly complex and require special consideration before the doctor can determine the best way to perform the surgery. By using virtual imaging and other pictures of the patient’s nose, the doctor can get a better understanding of what the patient wants and decide the optimal way to achieve those results.

Be Careful!

Virtual imaging programs are a fantastic tool, but that’s what they are – a tool. The technology isn’t a magic wand that gives you the perfect nose for your face every time. Sometimes, what the program shows you and what is actually physically possible aren’t the same. That’s because these programs use pictures of the outside of your nose to create the images you see on the computer. They don’t consider the inside of your nose or your medical history, two things that are very important to your doctor. It’s important for you to remember that your doctor is the one performing the surgery, so there may be some variation from what the virtual imaging shows you.

You may also learn from your doctor that the completely perfect nose you found online isn’t possible for you to achieve. Virtual imaging can only show you possibilities, not absolutes. However, even if that particular nose isn’t possible, skilled surgeons can still work with you to understand what you’re looking for and do their best to get you as close to your ideal nose as possible.

Virtual Consultations From Dr. Nassif

Dr. Nassif utilizes virtual imaging technology in his office for in-person patient consultations and online patient consultations. A great number of patients aren’t able to travel to Dr. Nassif’s office until surgery, so he offers consultations using Skype or Virtual Consultation.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nassif, call our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 275-2467 or shoot us an email through our Patient Contact page. We use only the finest advancements in rhinoplasty technology to give you the best possible results, a safe and comfortable environment, and a great experience with your rhinoplasty surgery. Contact us today for details!

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