Frequently Asked Questions About Asian Rhinoplasty

What Is Asian Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reshape a person’s nose so it is proportional to the rest of the facial features. Asian rhinoplasty is a subset of rhinoplasty that specifically involves reshaping noses for those of Asian descent. 

How Are Asian Noses Different From Those of Other Ethnicities?

Asians typically have a low nasal bridge, causing their nose to blend in with the rest of the face. The nasal tip is usually rounder and more bulbous, with wider nostrils. This makes the nasal tip more prominent when combined with the low nasal bridge.

Are There Different Kinds of Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian rhinoplasty can be open, closed, nonsurgical, functional, or revision rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty involves actually lifting the skin off the nose in order to access the inner nasal structure, while closed rhinoplasty involves working on the nose from the inside of the nostrils. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty involves the use of fillers to fix minor problems with the shape and overall appearance of the nose. Functional rhinoplasty deals less with cosmetic adjustments and more with restoring the actual function of the nose by improving the nasal structure. Revision rhinoplasty improves the work of a previous rhinoplasty when the original results aren’t quite what the patient wanted.

These types can be combined in different ways, but they all fall under the Asian rhinoplasty umbrella because they are all capable of being specifically tailored for Asian noses.

What Are Common Fixes in Asian Rhinoplasty?

Generally speaking, an Asian rhinoplasty patient gets a raised nasal bridge to improve the definition of the nose, plus a refining of the tip and a narrowing of the nostrils. These adjustments help give the nose definition without compromising the patient’s Asian heritage.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

It depends on the amount of work that needs to be done, but usually Asian rhinoplasty takes about 2-3 hours.

How Long Is the Recovery?

Initial recovery from the surgery takes one to two weeks, after which you’ll be able to start resuming your regular routine. Complete recovery from Asian rhinoplasty, however, takes at least nine months and could be as long as two years.

How Do I Know What My Nose Needs?

If you don’t like the way your nose looks, but can’t really articulate why, that’s okay. You can see an Asian rhinoplasty surgeon to help you through the process. They’ll be able to tell you what they think will improve your nose so that it matches your overall appearance.

How Do I Choose an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Many surgeons can perform rhinoplasty, but fewer are skilled as Asian rhinoplasty specialists. To get the best results, you want to find a surgeon who has plenty of experience in rhinoplasty and is specially trained in performing the surgery on Asian patients. If you find such a surgeon, you can check out patient reviews and their portfolio of before and after pictures to see if you like their work and what other patients have experienced.

Dr. Paul Nassif has been performing rhinoplasty surgery for over 20 years and specializes in all forms of rhinoplasty, including Asian rhinoplasty. He has helped thousands of patients from all over the world get the noses they want while providing them with a quality experience that keeps them safe and healthy. To schedule an initial patient consultation with the Asian Rhinoplasty Specialist, call our office in Beverly Hills, CA at (310) 275-2467 or send us an email through our Patient Contact Page.

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