Before & After Photo Gallery

brow-lift-eye-lift Before
brow-lift-eye-lift After

Procedure Details: This patient wished to rejuvenate the look of her lower eyelids. Dr. Nassif performed lower lid blepharoplasty with fat repositioning in his Beverly Hills office. Post-operative photos reveal a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and refreshed look to her eyes. This patient likely would have benefited from an upper blepharoplasty as well but was not interested in this surgery.

facelift Before
facelift After

Procedure Details: This is a patient who wished to refresh her facial appearance. Post surgery photos reveal a rejuvenated face with a natural and younger look.

otoplasty-ear-surgery Before
otoplasty-ear-surgery After

Procedure Details: Otoplasty with conchal setback. Notice how her ears look natural and not “surgical” following her surgery.

rhinoplasty Before
rhinoplasty After

Procedure Details: This patient wished to improve the appearance of her nose and fix her deviated septum. Post operative photos reveal an improved nose and softer profile. Better breathing has been reported as well. Patient continues to heal.